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Race Ramps wheel cribs have revolutionized safe vehicle lift, and we’re excited to showcase the latest addition to their wheel crib line: 14” two-piece cribs that give you an incredible amount of lift without the hassle and danger of homemade lift platforms.

We supersized these cribs in two ways:

Two-Piece Design for Incremental Lift

Similar to our other two-piece cribs (available in 8” H, 10” H and 12” H models), both sections interlock to keep them in place as tires are lowered, and both feature a concave tire cutout that nestles wheels securely. The two-piece design is ideal for the 14” of lift height because it allows you to jack your vehicle up incrementally instead of trying to get each tire up on the full wheel crib in one go.

Ratchet Straps Infographic
A few features of our new Race Ramps Ratchet Straps

Use them to secure gear and equipment, such as your Race Ramps or tool kits, or as a secondary tie-down strap when transporting cars in an open or enclosed trailer.

Great for Underbody Work, Commercial Display and More

Work or play, these cribs do it all and look good doing it. Raise your car up 7” in your garage for a quick oil change, or raise it up the full 14” for better underbody access while working underneath on a mat or creeper.

Bringing your car to a show, or showing off the latest model in your dealership means makeshift wooden lifts aren’t going to cut it! The clean lines and sleek appearance of the wheel cribs are perfect for showcase settings where you want the car to speak for itself.

Wheel Nets Infographic
A few important features of our new Race Ramps Wheel Nets

The Race Ramps Difference

Just like our ramps, our wheel cribs are manufactured in the Midwestern United States using an exclusive, patented process – you’ll never find another product constructed like them! The interior high-density foam supports up to 1,500 lbs. per two-piece crib, and the rugged anti-slip coating is hand-applied by an expert craftsman before rigorous inspection for quality.