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About SCTS Racing

Scott Cary grew up in the 1960s, listening to racing legends on AM radio like Richard Petty and Bobby Allison. It was a great time to be a racing fan. Cary’s love of the sport grew along with rapid development of racing throughout the Golden Age of Motorsports.

“The building of a car is like preparing for a mission in aerospace. Going to the race track is like executing a mission.” Cary is an aerospace engineer, boasting nearly 35 years with Boeing. He describes how each of these professions require passion and attention to detail.

Cary’s Motorsports team started out as BMW club guys learning to complete modifications on cars. However, Cary believes in going all out, stating, “You can’t just dabble in something and expect it to be a great project.”

Through passion and dedication, the team became so successful that they ended up focusing on the race team above any other project. The team currently consists of Cary, two drivers and one other crew member. They travel with two cars, the 2008 BMW M3 and the 2015 BMW M4.

One of Cary’s favorite aspects of being in a Motorsports team is the community. “It’s great to travel and spend time with people who share enthusiasm for the sport,” Cary says, “I always get to meet and interact with different people at the track.”

The SCTS Racing 2008 BMW M3
The SCTS Racing 2008 BMW M3
I love taking a normal car and turning it into something that belongs on the race track.
Scott Cary
SCTS Racing

Another one of Cary’s favorite aspects of leading SCTS Racing is being a team of “firsts.” Cary takes pride in how his team is willing to “do crazy things that most other people wouldn’t have done.”

SCTS Racing is the first team to race with SMG transmissions, and built the first BMW M4 in club racing. Cary loves presenting newly built race cars and watching as the first laps are completed. It is even more rewarding knowing that they are breaking ground as a club racing Motorsports team.

Cary says, “Our team is never afraid to try new or unconventional things.” Cary’s Motorsports team is even working with the company Racing Break on implementing carbon-ceramic brake kit systems. SCTS Racing is certainly not just following the status quo.

The SCTS Racing 2015 BMW M4
The SCTS Racing 2015 BMW M4
They have really made our lives a lot easier when it comes to getting a car in and out of our trailer.
Scott Cary
SCTS Racing

Always seeking the best for their Motorsports team, Scott Cary discovered that our Trailer Ramps were a must-have. SCTS Racing uses Trailer Ramps to prevent their low-clearance cars from bottoming out while transitioning over the trailer lift. “They have really made our lives a lot easier when it comes to getting a car in and out of our trailer,” says Cary.

The team has now raced all over the country, enjoying events from Octoberfest to Road America. SCTS Racing participates in 8 to 9 race events per year, which is close to how many a professional team completes. Since 2004, the team has won 18 BMW club racing championships, committing to their races all season long.

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