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Customer Spotlight

Race Ramps Ambassador Spotlight: Zack Price of Mustang Lifestyle


Zack Price is a passionate enthusiast who shares his journey of mods on a Shelby GT500 on his YouTube channel Mustang Lifestyle. As is the case with many performance cars, especially modded rides, Mustangs have lower clearances that makes loading them up tricky business! Check out our Q&A with Zack and see how Race Ramps helps him get the GT500 from place to place.

How did you start getting into car builds/mods?

I started getting into modifying cars in high school. The feeling of putting your time and effort into something and seeing tangible results is an incredible feeling that I still get to this day.

Why Mustangs?

A Mustang was my first muscle car and I fell in love with the platform and community.

Share a brief history of your Mustang’s journey.

The Mustang started in stock trim as a 2014 Mustang Shelby GT500. It has come a long way from stock and now boasts a fully built motor from Modular Head Shop and puts down just shy of 1,500 rwhp.

What are your current goals for the Mustang?

Current car goal is to get this Mustang into an 8-second quarter mile pass. Future car goals are to get into the 2020 GT500.

Any advice for those who are inspired to get into working on their cars?

My advice to anyone getting into working on cars is to do your research. There are great resources like YouTube and many car forums that can point the DIY-er in the right direction.

How do our Race Ramps Trailer Ramps help you?

Race Ramps have been pivotal to the success of our build. Finding a trailer that was low enough for the car to be loaded onto and off was a huge challenge. The addition of the trailer ramps has made loading and unloading the vehicle effortless which has allowed us more testing time at the track and shop.

What do you enjoy doing when not working on the Mustang or attending an event with it?

Outside of the Mustang I enjoy spending time traveling, specifically scenic areas with mountain roads like Tennessee. Videography and editing are also an enjoyment of mine and spending time with friends and family.

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