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Never again worry about scraping a customer's car or your own as you drive it up into a lift or rack. These rack and lift ramps are sepcifically designed to help vehicles with low ground clearance safely and smoothly roll up without hitting the front. Ideal for sports cars and custom modded low-riders, they are a must have accessory to any garage.

Advantages of a Car Lift

Sick of changing oil or replacing parts on the ground? Save your knees, elbows and back by installing a car rack or lift in your own garage. Not only will you be able to do maintenance and repairs while sitting or standing, if you decide to store your car lifted then you’ll have access to additional storage space for another car or other recreational vehicle. Make sure your garage is tall enough to accommodate a lifted vehicle with the garage door open and closed. If your car has a low ground clearance, use rack ramps to help it mount onto the rack without scraping the bumper.