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RGB LED Show Mirror

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Use our Show Mirror to give the spectators and judges the most impressive view of the underside of your car! The large, acrylic flex mirror is mounted in a lightweight, durable frame that provides a rugged, yet stylish package. With a specially-designed high-density foam travel cover that fits securely over the reflective surface, it's never been easier to use, transport, and store a mirror. Worrying about breakage will be a thing of the past, and it can be moved easily as it weighs under 30 pounds. The Show Mirror provides a roughly 4-foot by 2-foot footprint for a large under-vehicle viewing area, and comes with bright white LEDs for illumination. The LEDs come with a 13.5-foot cord with clips that you can attach to the vehicle as you run the lights to the car battery. Use this mirror with your choice of Race Ramps products for a car display with pizzazz and flair.

Please give us a call if you would like to learn about our vibrant colored LED border (red/green/blue). Also, if you desire, the lid can have a mirror mounted on its underside to provide a greater viewing area. Give us a call if these additional features interest you; we would love to accommodate your needs!

RGB LED Show Mirror
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RGB LED Show Mirror
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Sold Individually
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show-mirror RGB LED Show Mirror
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