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Rubber Wheel Chocks with Extra Grip

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Use these hard rubber wheel chocks to keep tires secure while your car is up on a set of Race Ramps, or as added security when parked on a flat surface. These chocks are suitable for sports cars with low clearance as well as heavy duty vehicles, and they have a saw-tooth bottom for extra-strong grip.

They are manufactured for lightweight strength with hollowed 100% recycled rubber and only weigh 1.5 pounds for chock for easy positioning. They won't slip, even when wet, and can be used on any floor type. They are available as a set of two or a set of four.

1.5 lbs. per chock
Anti Slip/Skid
Anti Slip/Skid
stays in place on any surface
Rubber Wheel Chocks with Extra Grip
30 Day Guarantee
Satisfaction or money back
Rubber Wheel Chocks with Extra Grip
Made in USA
and proud of it
1.5 lbs. per chock
Ensure that the bottom of the chock makes full contact with a solid surface.
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