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Trailer Side Kick Ramp - 13 Degree Approach

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The Trailer Side Kick is helpful both for parking your vehicle inside your trailer and for changing a trailer tire. For parking inside a trailer, the Side Kick fits in front of a trailer's wheel wells to provide a tapered, protective guide between your vehicle's wheels and the trailer's steel wheel wells. Tall, removable flags mark their placement and help guide you in without any scrapes or scratches. For changing a trailer tire, simply drive the good tire onto the ramp and the flat tire will be lifted off of the ground for easy removal and replacement. The Side Kick can be used on any level surface without sinking, we're talking pavement, grass, or even sand. No problem!

The Side Kick provides 7.5 inches of lift with a 13-degree angle of approach. Weighing in at only 8 pounds, it can still hold up to 1,500 pounds for a total vehicle weight capacity of 6,000 pounds. This ramp is manufactured with 100% solid, high-density foam with a rugged anti-slip coating. This patented process results in a product that is extremely lightweight, yet strong and durable. It will never rust, transfer heat or cold, and won't skid or scuff your floors. It is sold individually.

Trailer Side Kick Ramp - 13 Degree Approach
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Trailer Side Kick Ramp - 13 Degree Approach
Made in USA
and proud of it
Angle of Approach
Angle of Approach
13 degrees
Anti Slip/Skid
Anti Slip/Skid
stays in place on any surface
8 lbs. per ramp
Sold Individually
Sold Individually
1 ramp included
Tire Width
Tire Width
10" maximum width
Weight Capacity
Weight Capacity
1500 lbs. per ramp
100% SOLID
100% SOLID
Exclusive high-density foam

Make sure you can sail right up your service ramps!

Use the calculator below to determine your vehicle's maximum angle of approach. Then shop for any Race Ramps with an angle equal to or less than your result.

To determine the best angle of approach for your vehicle, we have devised the “yardstick test” below. If you do not have a yardstick, carefully measure out 36" with a tape measure or other straight, rigid object. You may need two sets of hands to get an accurate measurement here.



Place a 36" yardstick or tape measure at the base of your front wheel.


Raise up the yardstick or tape measure until it hits the underside of your car (the spoiler).


Measure vertically from the ground to the end of the yardstick or 36" point on the tape measure. Record that height below in inches.

RR-TR-SK-1 Trailer Side Kick Ramp - 13 Degree Approach
8 lbs.
1,500 lbs.
Expanded foam with traction coating
Before using the ramps ensure other persons are clear of the vehicle and the ramps. Ensure that the ramps are free from damage or corrosion before use. Use only a single pair of wheel ramps at the front or rear, do not use two ramps on one side of the vehicle. Position the ramps in line with the wheels, with the steering wheel pointed straight and the incline against the tire tread. Carefully drive the vehicle onto the automotive ramps until it is in the correct position. Turn the engine off, apply the parking brake, get out of the vehicle and securely chock the remaining wheels on the ground. Before starting work, walk around the vehicle ensuring it is securely positioned. Always use jack stand if a person will be going under the vehicle. On completion of the work, check the parking brake is still firmly on and remove the chocks. It is important to drive very slowly when coming off the ramps to prevent the automotive bodywork from making contact with the car ramp. Exercise caution when using these car ramps with a trailer or three wheeled vehicles.
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