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Product Spotlight Slip Plate Stands

Posted On: 06/15/2019

It’s time to perform a wheel alignment on your sweet 1972 Sherwood Green Dodge Charger, and you are either sick and tired of hauling out the heavy metal stands for your slip plates, or no longer want the awkward angles that come with doing an alignment with the slip plates directly on the ground.

Developed by an Industry Leader

The president of Tru-Line Laser Alignment, Lesley Cooke, knew there had to be an easier way to set up a vehicle for a wheel alignment. She developed the Race Ramps Wheel Stands and Slip Plate Stands as a way to raise up the working area that didn’t requiring dragging heavy metal stands around the shop, and made it compatible with Tru-Line’s portable alignment system.

Tru Line Alignment System
Tru-Line Alignment System with our Slip Plate Stands

Foam for the Win!

The Result?

High-density, expanded foam slip plate stands that are 100% solid yet lightweight compared to metal alternatives. The traction coating that covers the polystyrene is the same stuff they use to waterproof boats – it’s weather-resistant, very tough and durable, and has plenty of grip for all ground surfaces. Both the wheel stands and slip plate stands provide 14 inches of lift, setting your car at an ideal height for doing your alignment.

Slip PLate Stand

How to Use Slip Plate Stands

Step 1

Make sure they are on a flat, level surface and the bottom of each stand is in full contact with the ground.

Step 2

Only use them with cars that have tire widths up to 8 inches – so your 1972 Charger will be fit just fine.

Step 3

Jack up your car’s tires and position the slip plate stand underneath the tires.

Step 4

Place your slip plate on top of the stand.

Step 5

Lower your tire down onto the slip plate.

Step 6

Perform your wheel alignment as usual!