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How to Back Out of a Driveway Without Scraping


Own a low-profile car? You already know that driving and caring for lowered vehicles can be challenging, especially when it comes to navigating slopes and curbs. So, if you have a steep driveway—or a driveway with much of a slope at all—how do you back your lowered vehicle out without scraping? Read on to learn how, as well as other tips for driving a low-profile car.

Scraping your car causes long-term damage

If you regularly drive your low-profile car out of a steep driveway, preventing both the rear and the nose from scraping is of utmost importance. Not only can scraping your car on a regular basis cause damage to the paint, but it can also lead to a variety of damage, from mile to severe, including: • Corrosion. As you scrape away the protective coatings on the metal surfaces of your vehicle, it increases the risk of corrosion. This is a major issue for those who live in colder climates, where road salt is used for de-icing. • Suspension damage. As you continually hit curbs or other obstacles, it takes a toll on your vehicle’s suspension, leading to premature wear on the bushings. When suspension bushings wear out, you’ll notice sloppier steering and handling. Larger impacts can even bend sway bar links and tie rod ends. • Driveshaft damage. Even one small dent in your vehicle’s driveshaft can throw it out of balance, causing the u-joints to fail. You may notice symptoms like clunking and rattling noises, as well as shaking while driving. • Alignment damage. The most minor of impacts can throw your vehicle’s alignment off, interfering with handling and increasing tire wear.

Custom ramp solutions are the answer

Even driveways with moderate inclines can be tough to navigate in a lowered car. Those with unique slopes and sharper thresholds are even more difficult, with rolled curbs that can send shockwaves throughout your vehicle if you bump them.

While going slow and using a distinct angle of approach can help you avoid scraping as you exit your driveway, your best bet is to invest in a set of custom ramps that give you a little extra help. Custom ramp solutions are better than your one-size-fits-all ramps because you can ensure you’re able to reverse out of your driveway without scraping.

How do you invest in a custom ramp solution to protect your lowered vehicle? The Design Engineers at Race Ramps will tell you whether standard products meet your needs first, and then create a custom ramp solution just for you if your situation calls for it.

Why custom ramps from Race Ramps?

Custom ramp solutions from Race Ramps are proudly handmade in the U.S.A., so you’re getting the highest quality product for your investment. Aside from aiding your vehicle in a smooth transition from your driveway to the street, Race Ramps’ high-density foam ramps provide the following benefits:

  • Easy to maneuver. Race Ramps’ custom ramp solutions are extremely lightweight since they’re made entirely from foam. They typically weight between only 10 to 15 pounds, which means you can even transport them in your vehicle should space allow. They’re so easy to carry and put into position, so you won’t have to waste time or energy lugging around your ramps.
  • Safe to use. As with anything automotive-related, safety is of utmost importance. The specially engineered ramps at Race Ramps are built with safety in mind. They’ll never slip or slide on driveway, garage or asphalt pavement, since the materials used provide a natural traction that holds them in place as you drive over them.
  • Durable. Just because Race Ramps’ custom ramp solutions are lightweight, doesn’t mean they aren’t strong. Each ramp is made with a 100% solid core construction, so they’re able to support thousands of pounds with ease. While you could invest in a set of steel ramps, which are safe enough, they’re also bulky and heavy. With Race Ramps’ custom ramp solutions, you get all that strength, at a fraction of the weight.

Invest in custom ramps from Race Ramps today to protect your lowered vehicle

You bought your lowered vehicle because you love to drive it, so don’t let the fear of a steep driveway keep you from getting out and enjoying your baby. Contact the Design Engineers at Race Ramps today to learn more about custom ramp solutions for your driveway. We’re ready to create a lightweight and safe solution for your lowered vehicle, made with the highest-quality products right in the U.S.A.

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