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Product Spotlight

FlatStoppers Keep Performance Tires in Prime Condition


When you’ve put the investment into high-quality, performance tires for your vehicle, it’s important you do everything you can to protect that investment for as long as possible.

Our Race Ramps FlatStoppers are a highly beneficial tool for owners of vehicles with performance tires that might get stored away seasonally or for extended periods of time. Long-term storage can result in flat spots or other forms of damage to your tires, but FlatStoppers help you preserve their natural shape, allowing you to avoid having to spend the money to replace damaged tires after extended storage.

Let’s take a look at everything you should know about FlatStoppers and what makes them such a smart tire saving investment for certain types of vehicle owners.

Corvette on 16” W FlatStoppers
Corvette on 16” W FlatStoppers

The benefits of using FlatStoppers

One of the most common problems that occurs after storing a vehicle away for an extended period of time is the formation of flat spots in the tires. If you have a classic car you only bring out for special occasions or a vehicle you only use seasonally, this is an issue that could potentially affect your vehicles.

Over time, the tires will start to flatten out where they rest on the floor of your garage. If you live in an area that gets cold, harsh winters, the rubber can also grow stiff, which will result in the flat spots in the tires also hardening out. The longer you keep the car in storage without moving it, the more likely you’ll experience permanent damage to those tires that will necessitate replacement.

It’s not always feasible to regularly take the vehicle out for a spin just to prevent flat spots in the tires, so using Race Ramps’ FlatStoppers is an ideal solution to this problem.

Here are just a few examples of some of the benefits of the FlatStopper tire cradles:

  • Round formation: FlatStoppers are designed to keep your tires in their natural, round shape. Each FlatStopper can hold tire diameters from 25” to 30” and features a rounded formation to curve around the tire and prevent the weight from pressing the tires down flat.
  • Weight capacity: Each FlatStopper can support up to 1,500 pounds, giving you a total weight capacity of 6,000 when a full set of four is in use. This will allow you preserve the tires on just about any kind of vehicle you’re likely to be storing for long periods of time in your garage.
  • High-quality construction: Our FlatStoppers feature a patented design and construction process that includes a solid, high-density foam can hold up to years of storage. The foam features an anti-slip coating for better traction during usage.
  • Easy movement and storage: At just a pound and a half each, the lightweight foam construction makes it easy for you to pick up your FlatStoppers and store them away when they’re not needed, when you know you’re going to be using your vehicle regularly enough that potential flat spots in the tires won’t become an issue.
  • Easy to use: Getting your vehicle up and on to the FlatStoppers is easy. Simply setup the FlatStoppers in position, align the wheels and slowly drive on to them, then allow your tires to settle into the concave depression to ensure proper weight dispersal before storage.
  • Avoid sliding: The non-slip material on the bottom of the foam prevents the FlatStoppers from slipping and sliding while you’re driving on to them.
  • Various widths: Our FlatStoppers come in various sizes; they measure 28” long and come in widths of 10”, 14” and 16” (for supercars).
  • Use in all environments: The high-density foam construction of the FlatStopper means it will not be affected by extreme temperatures, so you can feel comfortable using them in hot- and cold-weather storage areas.

Of course, there are some other steps you should take to keep your tires in good condition during storage. Make sure you keep the air pressure at the proper levels, and regularly use your gauge to check that the tires haven’t lost more than a certain amount of air. And if you’re able to better regulate the temperature within your garage, this can help you prevent faster air loss in the tires.

But FlatStoppers are the best tool available for preventing flat spots in your tires, and will allow you to protect your investment for the tire’s entire expected lifespan.

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