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Product Spotlight

Keep Hot Tire Marks off Your Garage Floor With Pro Stops


Pesky tire scuffs can ruin the appearance of your garage. They’re a tough mess to clean up, no matter how hard you scrub or how powerful the degreaser you’re using is. The best way to keep hot tire marks off your garage floor is by preventing them in the first place, and with Pro Stops from Race Ramps, you can do just that. Here’s how to use Pro Stops to protect both your garage and your tires.

Hot tire marks damage garage floors

Whether you have a standard concrete garage floor or you’ve invested in an upgraded surface like epoxy, hot tire marks can be a big eyesore. A process called plasticizer migration causes tires to leave greasy, black marks on garage floors. The tire industry uses polymer and chemical compounds called plasticizers to make rubber more flexible. This process gives tires more traction and keeps them soft and pliable in cold-weather conditions, but it also makes the plasticizers “melt” when tires heat up from driving.

As the plasticizers relax due to the heat that comes from the friction of driving, the leaching effect of the plasticizers leaves brown-looking tire marks on any surface they touch. High-performance tires and all-season tires are especially prone to leaving these tire marks. Also, if a car sits for long periods of time, like during the winter, plasticizer migration can occur, leaving marks on your garage floor. Luckily, it’s easy to keep hot tire marks off your garage floor with Pro Stops from Race Ramps.

How Pro Stops keep hot tire marks off garage floors

Pro Stops from Race Ramps lift your tires from the garage floor, whether you’re parking your daily driver overnight or storing your classic for the winter. With an interlocking design, it’s easy to link multiple parking guides together to create the width you need—perfect for all-season tires. They’re also completely slip resistant, even when wet, and can be set on any floor type, from concrete to epoxy, and everything in between. Simply set them in place and guide your vehicle so that the tires rest in the cradle.

Tire stops also prevent flat spots

Whether you’ve invested in performance or high-speed tires for your vehicle, or you’re storing it for the winter, there are several reasons why tires are prone to flat spotting. While flat spots often come out after you get your ride back out on the road, some tires can become too compromised. Instead of running the risk of dealing with costly tire replacement, prevent flat spots from occurring altogether by investing in Flatstoppers from Race Ramps.

FlatStoppers act as a support for your tires. They’re like Pro Stops, but feature a cradle that follows the curve of the tires. Each tire rests directly on the concave pad, protecting their shape. The best part is, you don’t have to move your car every few weeks, like you would with other storage methods.

How to remove hot tire marks

If you already have hot tire marks on your garage floor, the best method to remove them depends on what type of floor you have. Use a power washer and an appropriate degreaser for concrete floors. Start by removing debris, then pouring degreaser on the tire marks and letting it sit. Scrub the degreaser into the area and apply more if needed. Once you’ve sufficiently removed the marks, wash everything away with a pressure washer.

For epoxy floors, use a cleaner like Simple Green to remove the hot tire marks. Apply the cleaner to the affected area, then use a nylon bristle brush to scrub away the marks. Remember that you can easily de-gloss the finish of your floor by scrubbing too much or using a scrub pad. Isopropyl alcohol is a good alternative to Simple Green. Simply apply to the area, let it set for five minutes, then wipe away the tire marks. Keep in mind that preventing permanent stains from damaging your garage floor requires preventative maintenance. If you don’t let marks build up over time, it’ll be much easier to keep your garage floor clean and mark-free.

Protect your garage floor and your tires with quality products from Race Ramps

Whether you’re storing your classic car and need to protect your tires, or you’re simply looking to preserve the appearance of your garage floor, Pro Stops and Flatstoppers from Race Ramps can help! We have the products you need to store your vehicle safely while protecting your garage. Reach out to our experts today to discover the best solutions for your needs and your budget!

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