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Customer Spotlight

Team Member Spotlight: Christina's Hyundai Veloster N Build

Christina Kwan
Christina Kwan

Many know Christina for being a part of the Race Ramps team, but what truly drives her daily passion is her love for all things in the motorsports and powersports space. She has worked in the aftermarket industry since 2005. A resident of Las Vegas, her office at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway means that she gets to see high-performance action year-round – and she’s not complaining! Her growing roster of builds include a C5 Drag Corvette, Hyundai Veloster N for autocross, 73 Challenger Drag Jet Boat, and three dirt bikes.

Why the Veloster N?

I was at a point where I no longer was going to keep my Mini Cooper S, but wanted something that could be just as fun to drive. One day, I saw two Veloster N vehicles sitting in the parking lot of Lowe’s and something about the overall look was sportier than the traditional Veloster models. Come to find out, the N model with the performance pack option was, at stock, 275 hp. I saw this as a great baseline in which to add modifications. Sometimes it’s difficult finding aftermarket parts for new vehicles, but as the industry is quick to develop to keep pace with new cars, I was able to find visual and performance components.

What types of modifications were added to the car?

The Veloster N has received a new exhaust system, cold air intake system, big mouth air intake, oil catch can, intercooler, upper and lower motor mounts, front splitter, carbon fiber hood, rear swaybar, wheels and tires, and custom emblem. As more products are introduced to the market, I’m sure the build will continue!

Veloster on Crib Cruisers
Veloster on Crib Cruisers

What is most enjoyable about working on a car build?

Every car is different so it’s about discovering how each one is put together and deciding exactly how much of a modification you want to complete on it. As a new car, I was more conservative on the modifications…. for now. I have other builds where it was much more in-depth. Car builds test your patience and sometimes parts come off a lot easier than going back on. I think it’s the challenge of it all that keeps in interesting and fun!

Veloster on 10 inch High Supercar Wheel Cribs
Veloster up on 10" High Supercar Wheel Crib

How did you use Race Ramps during your build?

For the most part, I used one of our drive-up ramp systems which gave me 14” of lift. This was really helpful especially when removing the front bumper and grill in order to modify components that sat just behind it. Also, the front bumper had to come off to install the splitter. The extra height is also super helpful when reattaching the front bumper and making sure everything is aligned from top to bottom. For the latter part of the build when I was finishing up some restyling components, I utilized our new 14” high 2-pc Wheel Cribs.

Alaskan Malamutes in canoe on lake in yellow lifevests
Brooklyn and Milano hanging out on the water

When not working on cars, what other hobbies do you enjoy?

My other favorite activity is spending time with my pups, two Alaskan Malamutes named Brooklyn and Milano. We have fun all year round from romping in the snow in the winters to cruising the rivers and lakes in the summer. With them, it's always a fun outdoor adventure!

Christina Kwan in the boxing ring
Reporters taking photos of Christina in the ring
Christina Kwan in the boxing ring
Focusing in the ring

Another little known pursuit of mine is boxing! I am the former US National Champion and World Amateur Champion at the 95 lb weight limit. I'm retired now, but definitely still enjoy hitting the mitts and getting a good workout in!

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