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Customer Spotlight

JD Heavener's Trailer Ramp Conundrum


Sick of loading up your expensive, low-profile car on wood? JD was. He and his wife, Laura, finally said "Enough is enough!" and upgraded to Race Ramps 7” H Trailer Ramps for a safer, easier and lighter trailering experience for his Shelby Cobra.

Watch the video of JD Heaverner's experience with wood trailer ramps


Loading car with wood 2
Loading car with wood
JD and patient Laura loading GT500 Mustang with wood ramps

The process was slow and tedious. Whether it was wood or metal ramps, the pieces had to be transported, stored, set up and removed each time the car needed to come in and out. The risk? Having wood pieces fly out from under the rolling tires, or having the car catch on metal ramps that were not at all designed for loading a vehicle this low to the ground. The last thing any responsible car owner wants is to have a makeshift ramp set-up create damage to the car or injury to observers standing by.


Loading car with Race Ramps Trailer Ramp 1
Loading car with Race Ramps Trailer Ramp 2
Loading car with Race Ramps Trailer Ramp 3
A world of difference. The GT500 Mustang loads up with a smooth ramp-to-trailer transition.

JD and Laura picked up a set of 7" H Race Ramps Trailer Ramps and 7" H Race Ramps Trailer Ramps with a Flap Cut-out. In additional to 7" of lift height, the ramps have a notch for the trailer door to sit in that helps reduces the incline even further. The latter set also has a secondary cut-out along the top surface to accommodate for trailer flaps so that regardless of their trailer set-up, JD and Laura will always have the right Race Ramps for the task.

JD documents his car-packed life and times on his channels. To watch, head to  JD JoyrideTV and follow him on Instagram at  @jd_joyridertv; and Facebook at  JD JoyrideTV.

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