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How to Do the Yardstick Test


What is the Yardstick Test?

The Yardstick Test is an easy method we use to find the largest angle of approach your vehicle can handle when driving up a ramp to ensure the front bumper won't catch, scrape or hit. This is pretty important if you drive a lowered or low-profile car, for instance if you want to make sure your drop is legal.

Is a yardstick really necessary?

Although we like to use a yardstick for consistency in our calculations, in reality any straight object that measures 36" or longer will work just fine.

Important to note: When lifting up your yardstick or other object, please lift it straight up and in line with the direction of your tire (aka, where your car's bumper would hit if it was going up a ramp). From time to time, we get calls asking if the stick should be angled towards the center of the front bumper, and it should not! Not only will that affect the calculation, that's not where your ramp will be when you drive up it.

As easy as 1,2,3

how to perform the yardstick test

Once you have the vertical height measurement, you can reference our handy chart above, or use our Angle of Approach Calculator to find the lowest loading angle that your vehicle will be able to clear safely.

To see the yardstick test in action, watch below:

As always, if you find yourself with questions about the Yardstick Test, don't hesitate to Contact Us for assistance.

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