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High-Density Foam Ramps vs. Steel Ramps: Get to Know the Benefits


Race Ramps offers a wide range of ramps to help get vehicles safely up on to trailers or other raised surfaces for transportation or storage, or simply to elevate your vehicle to be able to perform some work underneath it. While you can find these types of ramps in steel, we typically advise customers to go with high-density foam ramps, which come with a large number of benefits over their steel counterparts.

Let’s take a look at some of those benefits and why high-density foam is the way to go for your vehicle ramp needs.


The lightweight construction of high-density foam makes them easy to carry and maneuver into position. You can generally expect high-density foam ramps to be around 10 to 15 pounds, depending on the specific ramp you’re looking at. Steel, obviously, weighs significantly more than high-density foam, which makes it harder to transport and move into position.

Race Ramp’s heaviest-duty ramps support up to 60,000 lbs. per axle
Race Ramp’s heaviest-duty ramps support up to 60,000 lbs. per axle


Despite the light weight of high-density foam, it still offers outstanding strength to hold up to very heavy loads. These ramps feature a 100 percent solid core construction, capable of supporting thousands of pounds without having their structural integrity compromised. While steel will also provide you with some excellent strength, it does so at a much higher weight. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the ramp collapsing like might happen with certain types of hollow plastic ramps.

Race Ramps can be used indoors or outside
Race Ramps can be used indoors or outside

Safe for use

High-density foam ramps are designed in such a way that they will never slide or slip across the surface of a driveway, garage, asphalt or other area. The material and texture used to make high-density foam provides some natural friction that keeps it in place during use. This means you can avoid potential accidents that might otherwise occur due to slippage, and more safely get underneath your car to work on it.

The low approach angle of Race Ramps trailer ramps mean no damage
The low approach angle of Race Ramps trailer ramps mean no damage

Avoid damage while loading

If you are using the ramp for the purpose of loading a car on to a trailer, high-density foam ramps allow you to do so without doing any damage to the vehicle. The lower profile of certain types of vehicles, especially certain classic cars, sport cars and race cars, can make it difficult to get them safely on to a trailer while going directly up a steel ramp. Using high-density foam extension ramps allows you to make the ascent more gradual, preventing the front end of the vehicle from scraping along the surface during loading and unloading.

Easy storage

The combination of light weight and low profile makes it easy for you to store away these ramps whenever they’re not in use. Typically the ramps measure only six or seven inches high and use a low angle of approach. You can either store them lying flat or stand them up and fit them into tighter areas in your garage or other facility. The cumbersome nature of steel can make it a little more difficult to put in and pull out of storage.

Range of sizes

You can find high-density foam ramps from Race Ramps in a variety of different sizes and styles to fit your specific needs. There are also options for customization so you can get exactly what you need out of your ramps

Use on a variety of surfaces

The high-density foam material features a reinforced bottom that allows it to be used on just about any type of surface, from smooth asphalt to rough surfaces like gravel or dirty.

Easy to use

These ramps are easy to use. Make sure they’re on a flat, level surface and that the ramp is in full contact with the ground, then make sure the steering wheel is pointing straight before you drive up the ramp at a slow, steady pace. It’s that simple!

These are just a few examples of the various benefits associated with the use of high-density foam ramps, and some of the advantages they provide over their steel counterparts.

You can find ramps of this material in a variety of styles from Race Ramps to suit whatever your needs are for your vehicle.

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