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Mobile Car Covers: Protect Your Car


You’ve most likely put a significant financial investment into your car, especially if it’s a classic car or sport car of higher value to begin with. It only makes sense, then, that you do everything you can to protect that investment.

Car covers are an effective way of protecting your car from potential forms of damage. Here is an overview of what you should know about them if you are to use one to protect your vehicles.

Selecting a car cover

Clearly, there are a number of advantages that come with using car covers to protect your vehicle. So if you’re interested in using one, how do you choose one that’s right for your vehicle?

There are a few factors you should consider as you investigate your options.

Universal fit or custom-made

Companies like CoverCraft are among the best in the business for manufaturing quality, made-to-order covers designed specifically for your make and model. Although they can be pricier than going for a universal option, it's worth it to know that the cover fits like a glove and is made just for your vehicle. This is also a good option if you have a custom ride into which you've invested a lot of time and money, as it might mods that simply won't work with a universal cover option. Cal Car Cover has a custom cover builder to facilitate the selection process for the custom cover you need.

Universal covers are generally cheaper as they are mass produced in certain sizes and designed to fit a wide range of vehicles. They will typically provide you with fine results, but won’t give you a fit that’s nearly as snug as a custom cover.

Location of parking and frequency of use

Where you park your vehicle is typically related to how often you use it. For example, if you store your vehicle in a garage and frequently cover and uncover it, you will probably prefer a lightweight indoor car cover. A heavier indoor car cover is a better selection for people with seasonal or classic cars that stay stored inside for most of the year with infrequent usage.

If you park the vehicle outside and cover it up every day, a lightweight outdoor cover can be convenient, as it’s easy to use and fold up. However, if you park in crowded parking lots or on streets with heavy traffic or lots of pedestrians, a thicker outdoor car cover will give you a little bit of extra protection against potential damage.

Type of material

Depending on where you purchase your car cover from, you’ll find several options for materials. Those materials may vary depending on whether the car cover is designed for indoor or outdoor use. While all fabrics can be used indoors, car covers that will be used outdoors must be able to withstand exposure to the elements, including constant sunshine and potential precipitation.

There are various cotton, polyester and nylon blends, among other materials, that come in proprietary brands.

Your local climate

The weather in your area will also dictate the kind of car cover that will be most suitable for your vehicle. If you live in a rainier climate, such as the Pacific Northwest, you’ll want an outdoor car cover that gives you excellent water resistance. If you live in areas that get a lot of sunshine, you’ll want a car cover that provides ultraviolet protection and has reflective properties. Or, if you live in a coastal area, you’ll want a car cover designed to protect against exposure to salty, humid air.

Covers of different tones and material

Color of the car cover

While your choice of color with your car cover does come down to personal preference at least to an extent, there are also logical reasons to choose one color over the others.

For example, people in a sunnier climate will likely want a lighter colored fabric to avoid drawing the sun’s heat. If you have a lighter colored vehicle, a lighter colored fabric will also be safer for your paint, as the bright colors of the vehicle could otherwise potentially bleed.

The Car Capsule as an alternative to car covers

If you’re looking for a heavier-duty, more permanent alternative to using car covers to protect your vehicle, you might consider looking into a Car Capsule.

The Car Capsule is a 24/7/365 storage solution for your vehicle to protect it from dust, dirt, corrosion, small dings, pests, mildew and must while still keeping it suitable for show display. It features evaporative storage technology to change the internal air three or four times per hour, maintaining a consistent interior temperature and eliminating moisture. A base mat features 18 oz. herculite that is resistant to mildew, abrasion, flame and various vehicle fluids. The cover itself is 10 mil. Double polished radio frequency welded PVC that protects against accidental damage from other tools or items in the area, and a heavy-duty nylon zipper keeps pests at bay.

While this is a more expensive option than car covers, it’s also an option that works great for people who are serious about keeping their vehicles show-ready in long-term storage.

What are some of the challenges you face with protecting your car, and how are you currently covering your investment? Let us know if comments below!

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