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Race Ramps Offers Premium, American-Made Car Ramp Solutions


What makes our company different

We care deeply about our customers, and making sure they have the best solution for their vehicle needs is extremely important to us. Because we are based in the United States, we drive the same cars and have the same values as many of our customers – and we understand the problems drivers, hobbyists and professionals encounter in their day-to-day lives.

Loading racing car on Trailer Ramp
Adjusting and placing Tow Ramps to trailer
Pushing racing car up our Trailer Ramps and adjusting and placing Tow Ramps to trailer

What makes our customers different

We make products for drivers, mechanics, technicians, hobbiests, washers, waxers, detailers, wrappers, haulers and anyone who makes cars part of their identity professionally or personally.

We know that they expect the best, so we only deliver the best. Our customers include tow truck drivers to race car drivers, classic car builders to professional dealerships. The guy or gal changing their oil in their driveway to the attention-driven vinyl wrapper who needs that little bit of extra leverage to do an exquisite finish on their latest job.

We’re proud to be able to deliver solutions that help them do their tasks safer, better and easier because we know their time is as valuable as ours.

Coating our Race Ramps
Coating our Race Ramps

What makes our products different

1. They’re made in the USA from American-made materials

We don’t want to offer the same imported ramp that 20 other companies offer, and we don’t want our customers relying on foreign product or processes. By basing our operation stateside, we are able to control and oversee every step of the manufacturing process, which takes place exclusively at our Michigan facility. Every employee takes pride in their skilled work, and ensures that only the Race Ramps products that meet the top quality standards ever leave the plant.

2. They’re solid core, not hollow, for complete lifted safety

The patented foam core in every ramp and crib is 100% firm and solid. Unlike hollow plastic or metal jack stands, there’s never a risk of collapse while the vehicle is lifted up. Additionally, the lightweight advantage of our core trumps the weight of heavy metal ramps every time.

SRT resting on Race Ramps
SRT resting on Race Ramps

3. They’re built for safety AND convenience

Our products are designed and built to prevent expensive damage to expensive vehicles, and decrease the literal and figurative pain points that come with other automotive products for lifting, service, or applying vinyl wrapping.

Blue Ferrari rolling up Trailer Ramp
Blue Ferrari rolling up a Race Ramps Trailer Ramp

Race Ramps reduces the risk of vehicle damage. Our loading ramps prevent scraping and bottoming out when low-profile vehicles are loading into trailers, and the foam/traction coating finish won’t leave scratches on your vehicle as you move Race Ramps around your space.

Wheel cribs provide safe lift
Wheel cribs provide safe lift

Race Ramps also reduces the risk of personal injury. When working underneath a vehicle, safe lift is paramount to reduce the risk of a vehicle falling and striking the person beneath. When working under, around or on top of the vehicle during larger projects like vinyl wraps, having the vehicle lifted with a way to easily access those areas reduces the risk of back pain, strain and other work-associated injuries. For car builders or DIY car owners, modifying exhausts or simply doing an oil change becomes much safer as our ramps provide the space you need while reducing the risk of injury by supporting the vehicle.

The convenience of Race Ramps products almost speaks for itself… but we’ll speak to it anyway! One of the biggest problems with other ramps is the weight. Dragging them in and out of their stored location, or positioning and repositioning them, can take time, energy and unnecessary effort that increases your risk of injury. With our Race Ramps, the lightweight core design, carrying straps, and availability of multi-piece options on our longer products makes them easy to use and move.

4. They’re available with a wide variety of loading angles especially for low-profile cars

Customers who own and/or work with low cars know the difficulties that lie in loading them into trailers, getting them up on post or scissor lifts, and raising them up safely. That's why we offer Race Ramps in a wide variety of loading angles that are designed to provide plenty of clearance with no scraping or damage to bumpers, splitters and low-front-end accessories.

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