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The Ultimate Garage Playlist for Working On Your Car


If you like to spend your weekends and evenings tinkering with your car or motorcycle in the garage, you probably know the importance of having the perfect playlist for the job. It can get a little monotonous to be out there with nothing but silence and occasional tool sounds to accompany you.

Sure, you can set the radio to your favorite station, but why force yourself to listen to commercials? Instead, create your own garage playlist that will keep you pumped up and eager to work.

Here’s a quick look at some great songs to put on while you’re working in the garage. Music that tends to be ideally suited for this work is up-tempo or driving rock, with bonus points if you can sing along to it.

“Bicycle” by Queen

Okay, so they’re not singing about cars or motorcycles, but this is a great rock song that’s easy to groove to and is loosely related to the idea of working in a garage. You’ll find a lot of songs by Queen that are great for pumping up while you’re working.

“Life is a Highway” by Tom Cochran

“Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long.” This classic is just as much at home in the garage as it is out on the open road.

“Fuel” by Metallica

One of many Metallica songs that’s great for garage playlists, “Fuel” describes the pure joy that comes with a pumping engine.

“409” by The Beach Boys

We’re going way old school with this one. This song is about the most popular GM engine of the early 60s, and is almost a love song dedicated to a vehicle. Giddy up 409!

“Lowrider” by War

This is a great car song with a really solid groove to balance out some of the harder rockers on this list.

“Mustang Sally” by Wilson Pickett

This song came out just a couple years after the Ford Mustang was originally introduced. This song is just as much about a woman as it is about cars, but it still is an ideal garage song.

“The Distance” by Cake

A great modern alt rock classic, this song is all about racing. It’s got a great groove and is easy to sing along to if you’re in the mood.

“Jerry Was a Racecar Driver” by Primus

Fans of the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video game will undoubtedly recognize this song by an alternative favorite from the 90s, Primus. It’s a little funky compared to other songs on this list, but still an excellent garage song with a car connection.

“Rapid Roy” by Jim Croce

Jim Croce has several songs about cars, and “Rapid Roy” may be the best. It’s about a guy who can’t help but go fast, who gets a lot of attention while driving his stock car. “He’s got a tattoo on his arm that says ‘baby,’ he’s got another one that just say ‘hey,’ and every Sunday afternoon he’s a dirt track demon in a ’57 Chevrolet.”

“Born to be Wild” by Steppenwolf

Much like “Life is a Highway,” this is a song that’s probably more likely to be found on driving playlists, but one that’s still a great addition to any garage playlist.

“The Pretender” by The Foo Fighters

Sure, there’s not really a car connection here, but this song simply rocks. It’s impossible to hear the main chorus and not get pumped up about whatever it is you’re doing.

“Hot Rod Lincoln” by Commander Cody

This funky song was on of the original real “hot rodder” songs to become popular in the 1960s and remains a staple of garages and car shows everywhere.

“Drive My Car” by The Beatles

You can find a use for the Beatles on just about any playlist, and if you’re looking for car-related (or car-adjacent) songs to add, “Drive My Car” is the best one the Beatles have to offer.

Get these songs on your garage playlist, and you’ll be off to a great start at building a playlist that will keep you cranking away in the garage all day long!

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