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Product Spotlight

Move Your Car with Wheel Crib Cruisers and Go-Jaks Wheel Dollies


In an ideal world, your shop would have room for all your projects. Unfortunately, life happens and sometimes an elevated, in-progress build needs to be moved. Maybe you are mid-build and waiting for a specific part to arrive or need better access to the vehicle, or perhaps another project has jumped your priority queue. Whatever the scenario, lifting the vehicle with Crib Cruisers not only gives you easier underbody access, they also make it safe and simple to efficiently move lifted cars without lowering them off the cribs.

Designed specifically to save time and energy in a shop environment, here are several reasons why Crib Cruisers are a smart choice for working on vehicles, particularly in a multi-use shop or garage:

Safer than Jack Stands

Too often we hear stories of mechanics who are injured or pass away from improper bracing, carelessness or jack stand failures. Give your loved ones peace of mind. With Crib Cruisers, the wheels are supported with direct contact to the cribs, and the ground, instead of just having the vehicle frame resting of points of metal that can tip over or buckle.

The wheel to crib connection is rubber on non-skid, traction coating with a much wider footprint than what you’d get with a jack stand.

Another bonus is that you can raise up all four tires with Crib Cruisers, instead of just the front or rear. It’s complete access with no real fear like with jack stands.

Since they support the tires of the vehicle, they can offer additional floor space under the vehicle during use, which is definitely as advantage compared to jack stands as wheel cribs don’t restrict movement under the vehicle quite as much. This is extremely helpful when working on the back half of the engine or the transmission. Wheel cribs also provide more access for a floor creeper. Their footprint is usually about one square foot (or more) under each tire which provides a large support overall area for added stability.

Better access for wrenching

With your vehicle fully lifted, not only will you be able to work on your car more easily, you will also be able to expand the variety of work you can do. In addition to the more basic oil changes, here are some of the projects our customers have been able to do by lifting their vehicles up on Race Ramps cribs:

  • Perform certain chassis work with the suspension fully loaded in neutral position while raised up
  • Install and torque pivoting/bushed suspension components
  • Change out clutches
  • Perform transmission and rear end fluid changes

Note: Make sure your jacks are able to lift vehicles up beyond the Crib Cruiser lift height in order to compensate for the relaxed suspension.

Compatible with hydraulic wheel dollies like Go-Jaks

What makes the Crib Cruisers a better choice than standard Race Ramps wheel cribs is their unique design. The angled front and rear extension fit hydraulic wheel dollies like Go-Jaks so that you can easily raise up the vehicle on the Crib Cruisers and move it around your shop without the arduous process of lowering each tire back down to the ground first, then raising them all back on the cribs in the second location.

Crib Cruiser Infographic

What sets Crib Cruisers apart from the competition

Crib Cruisers are constructed with Race Ramps’ patented core technology that results in a lightweight automotive product that doesn’t compromise on strength. Crib Cruisers support vehicles up to 6,000 pounds and are made right here in the USA from American-made materials – no foreign parts. Each crib goes through rigorous quality control to ensure the highest of American quality standards.

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