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Product Spotlight

5 Reasons Every Dealership Needs to Display on Show Rocks


Show rocks make for great display additions to any dealership specializing in off-road vehicles like ATVs, Jeeps and various types of trucks.

At Race Ramps, we are pleased to offer a broad selection of show rocks in various sizes and styles to help you create a unique and appealing display for your dealership’s guests. Here are just a few reasons why you should make Race Ramps’ show rocks a part of your setup.

More realistic experience

Everyone who comes into a dealership to purchase an off-road vehicle does so with daydreams of getting that vehicle out into the country and testing it as soon as they can. It’s kind of hard to live that fantasy when the vehicles at the dealership are just sitting in boring, sterile showrooms.

Bringing in a variety of show rocks helps to create a more outdoorsy experience for people browsing off-road vehicles and makes it easier for potential customers to visualize the vehicles’ capabilities in some truly dramatic displays. The rocks are designed to look natural—we have options designed to resemble sandstone, fieldstone, and river bed rocks. They also show the articulation of off-road vehicles, which Jeep and other off-road customers will pay close attention to.

Outstanding weight capacity

The show rocks we have in our collection at Race Ramps are designed to be extremely strong and capable of withstanding significant weights, despite their light weight. They are capable of supporting up to 2500 pounds, which means they’re great for showing off the under-vehicle suspension of off-road vehicles and the capabilities of off-road tires. The largest rock in our collection weighs only 40 lb., so you’re getting outstanding strength in an easily movable piece.

10” Show Rock with Trailer Step and Adjustable Work Bench in the wings
10” Show Rock in use

Durable construction

Our show rocks are combine a durable exterior with 100 percent solid, high-density foam, and manufactured using an exclusive patented process that ensures long-lasting durability. Your investment in show rocks will continue to pay dividends for years to come, as these pieces are built to last even in tough conditions.

17” Show Rock and Adjustable Work Step put to work
17” Show Rock and Adjustable Work Step put to work

Indoor or outdoor use

Race Ramps show rocks make for a great addition to both indoor and outdoor displays. The materials used in constructing these rocks are more than capable of holding up to the elements even with long-term exposure. The non-slip coating used on the bottom of the rocks prevents the rocks from skidding or sliding on any kind of surface, whether it’s placed on showroom floors, pavement, dirt or ice.

More impressive showroom

The addition of show rocks to your off-road vehicle displays don’t just create a more realistic browsing experience for people who have been dreaming of the opportunity to take one of these vehicles out for a spin. They also create a more visually impressive showroom in general, one that will improve customers’ perceptions of your brand and help create a sense of excitement and adventure for visits to your dealership. When used outside, the rocks will be an eye-catching addition to attract drive-by traffic. They come in varying sizes (up to 17” tall), allowing you to create different types of displays.

Consider this—would you rather go to a dealership that puts a lot of extra effort into creating visually impressive displays, or one that does the bare minimum for its display work? Beefing up your displays is just one way to strengthen your brand and your customer experience.

RR-ROCK-17 (Sandstone, River Bed) RR-ROCK-6-FS RR-ROCK-10 (Sandstone, River Bed)

Interested in learning more about our selection of show rocks for your ATV, Jeep and truck displays? We encourage you to contact us at Race Ramps, and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

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