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Product Spotlight

Race Ramps Ratchet Straps, Wheel Nets and Tire Covers


If you love your Race Ramps, you’ll love our new line of USA-Made Race Ramps accessories!

Race Ramps Ratchet Straps

These thick Race Ramp Ratchet Straps are 2 inches wide and have a 4,000-pound working load limit and a break strength of 12,000 pounds.

Ratchet Straps Infographic
A few features of our new Race Ramps Ratchet Straps

Use them to secure gear and equipment, such as your Race Ramps or tool kits, or as a secondary tie-down strap when transporting cars in an open or enclosed trailer.

Race Ramps Wheel Nets

With the same 2" thick webbing as the straps, our Race Ramp Wheel Nets feature the same 4,000-pound working load limit and 12,000-pound break strength. Use them to secure your vehicles to open or enclosed trailers for secure transport.

Wheel Nets Infographic
A few important features of our new Race Ramps Wheel Nets

Pair them with the Race Ramps Trailer Mates when you need to get some lift to clear your trailer wheel well. Since they secure the entire wheel, they're easier to work with instead of having to get under the car to strap your vehicle down by the axle with a conventional ratchet strap.

Race Ramps Extra-Large Tire Covers

Designed to fit large truck tires up to 33 inches in diameter, these USA-Made Race Ramps Tire Covers are lightweight enough to use as protection from fluids or materials when performing maintenance or wrapping, and have the strength to hold up during storage.

They pair well with many of our Race Ramps since the tire covers fit over the wheels once the vehicle is in position on the ramps or platform. Use them with our Restyler Ramps during vinyl wrap jobs to protect from harsh prepping chemicals. While working on vehicles with our service ramps, the covers keeps fluids, grease and oil off expensive wheels.

For storage, use them with our FlatStoppers to keep your tires from developing flat spots in long-term storage situations. It will be an easier alternative than lifting your vehicle and/or removing the tires completely.

Tire Covers Infographic
A few important features of our new Race Ramps Extra-Large Tire Covers

These tire covers repel liquid – whether it’s rain, cleaning solutions, prepping chemicals, or auto fluids. Each tire cover comes with its own storage sack for compact storage in your shop or garage.

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