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Product Spotlight

Restyler Ramps


Vinyl & Wraps gain popularity!

In a world where instant gratification and creative branding are increasingly popular, vinyl and auto wraps are a thriving industry. It’s easier than ever to change the appearance of your car in just a few days, without the multiple week dry times associated with a quality paint job. Although many car enthusiasts still prefer a proper paint job, others have turned to a durable and more temporarily solution with wraps. Unfortunately, wrapping a car can be a tedious, detail-oriented process that requires attending to every inch of a vehicle if it’s done correctly, and it can put a lot of strain on the installers. We decided to develop a product that would provide enough lift to assist installers with each job.

The Problem
Dangerous & Time-Consuming

Installers have to get low to the ground as they wrap the nose, back end and other low-lying parts of customer’s vehicles. Jacking up a car and putting it on stands would be time-consuming, and potentially dangerous.


The Solution
Restyler Ramps

This five-piece platform has removable ramps that allow an installer to drive the vehicle 14 inches off the ground with removable bumper stops to prevent overshooting. The center of the platforms, once driven over by the front tires, can be pulled out and repositioned as a 14-inch-high step – great for installers to access.


To accommodate as many makes and models as possible, the Restyler Ramps are available in two widths, 16 inches and 20 inches. The tire platforms each measure 35 inches, and are intentionally positioned to accommodate wheelbases from 82 inches to 128 inches, which covers most compact cars and small-to-mid size SUVs and trucks.

The center portion of each platform, once pulled out, acts as a 70-inch-long step to assist installers are they navigate around the vehicle with heat gun and squeegee in hand, and it’s pretty lightweight for its size at no more than 40 pounds.

Wrap Ramps 

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