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Product Spotlight

Race Ramps Trailer Steps: Unique Applications


We may call them trailer steps, but they’re so much more! Our Race Ramp Trailer Steps were built to enhance convenience, safety and the look of your shop, garage or use area with the clean lines and attractive aesthetic that Race Ramps is known for.

Race Ramps Trailer Step traction surface close-up
Close-up of the non-slip coating covering the 36" L Two-Step Trailer Step

Washing your lifted truck or trailer

The biggest advantage to using a trailer step to wash your truck is the high-traction surface! Even barefoot, you won’t be at risk for slips and falls when water or soap land on the step.

Race Ramps Trailer Step in action in garage
24" x 23" Lightweight Two-Step Trailer Step

Around the shop to reach high shelves

Particularly useful for those on the shorter side, the trailer step eliminates the need for stepstools and stepladders and provides a much more stable surface upon which to stand as you rummage or reach for tools and parts. It helps you maximize the use of your space so that you stay more organized with more usable, reachable space.

Race Ramps Trailer Step traction surface close-up
30" L Trailer Step

NASCAR racecar trailer and RV setups

When you’re at a professional event, you want to look the part. Many of our customers attend NASCAR racing events and reach out to us looking for a trailer or RV step that offers a step up on the usual metal stepladders or precarious homemade steps. Especially if you use our ramps, having the matching trailer steps gives your entire setup a more complete, polished, professional look.

Advantages of a Race Ramps Trailer Step over a stepstool or stepladder

The biggest advantage? Race Ramps Trailer Steps won’t ding or scratch your vehicle! Because of the lightweight, solid core foam design, these steps can be repositioned in tight quarters without the fear of accidental damage that heavy wood or metal stepstools or stepladders bring.

By mitigating your risk of damage, you’re also mitigating your risk of insurance claims, particularly if you operate a business that works with customer vehicles.

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