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Donation Request Form

If you are the organizer of a charitable event, please fill out the donation request form. You may also attach additional information for consideration, including your event flyer.

For both sponsorship and donation submissions, please allow up to eight weeks for consideration. You will receive a confirmation that your request has been received.

In the event of approval, please provide your shipping information if different from above:

Can this address accept pallet deliveries?
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This event will be supporting a:
 Charity      School      Club
Do you provide Goody Bags at your event?
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Request for:
 Raffle Item      Door Prize

Items needed by:
Will a Race Ramps logo and link to RaceRamps.com be put on your website?
 Yes      No
Please attach Event Flyer or any Advertisments (can be from previous year)

Race Ramps would like to send an email to members, introducing them to our products, encouraging them to visit our website, choose to join or mailing list, and sometimes offer special discounts depending on the size of the club. If you do no share email addresses for confidentiality reasons, we would provide a written email that clubs could forward on to your members.

Is this something you would consider?
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