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Garage & Service

Garage & Service

Professionals and hobbyists absolutely love our garage & service ramps, steps and cribs! These products were engineered as solutions for servicing, detailing, wrapping and lifting cars with lower ground clearance - and they're built light enough to easily move around your professional shop or personal garage. Wrappers and auto body specialists can easily reach nooks and crannies with Restyler Ramps, and our Lift Ramps and Rack Ramps help low-riding cars transition from ground to lift without scraping.

Know Your Angles

Bigger is better – if your car requires large angles, you’ll be able to clear a lot more inclines, humps and declines than if it requires small angles.

Approach Angle: The angle created by the ground and the slope from the base of your front tire to the lowest part of your front bumper. This is a very important factor in choosing the best ramp, as cars with low clearance might need ramp approach angles anywhere from four to six degrees.

Breakover Angle: The angle at which the underside of your vehicle will get stuck, also called "high-centering". This is a big one for low clearance box trucks and vans, particularly over speed bumps, speed humps and railroad tracks; it’s also a factor for off-road vehicles that are driving through rocky or lumpy terrain. Vehicles with a long wheelbase and low ground clearance have low breakover angles.

Departure Angle: The angle created by the ground and the slope from the base of your back tire to the lowest part of your back bumper.