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Got a Porsche, Corvette or Ferrari? Prevent Flat Spots with Race Ramps Tire Cradles


Buying a sportscar can be quite a momentous occasion in someone’s life, especially if they’re a car enthusiast. Perhaps it’s something that you’ve hoped for and dreamed of for years, or perhaps it’s a recent interest of yours.

No matter the genesis, the moment has finally arrived. You’ve saved your money, you’ve done your research and you’ve taken the test drives, and now it’s finally time – you’re behind the wheel of a sportscar that everyone is going to notice, and it’s time to enjoy it.

Owning such a fine automobile does mean that some responsibilities come with it. Filling it with high-quality fuel (ideally ethanol-free), getting regular oil changes and having it annually inspected are really just the beginning. Your tires in particular are going to need some special attention, especially if the car’s not going to be driven regularly. Fortunately, a product exists that can easily help you with this very common problem.

Risks of Inactive Tires

Not driving on your tires for an extended period can open them up to a whole host of potential issues. Tires are meant to be used, and both their pressure and their tread can easily become out of sync and ineffective if they’re not driven on for a while. There are a few things to watch out for as risk factors to your tires if you don’t drive for a while.

  • Flat Spotting: When your car has been left stationary for a while then the spot where the tire meets the pavement can begin to flatten out somewhat permanently. This can mean that your tires need to be replaced – a considerable expense. Prevent this by taking the car out for a spin at least once a week even if it’s sitting in your driveway for an extended period.
  • Irregular Pressure: Leaving your car unattended for an extended period can also mean that the tire pressure will gradually diminish. This can have a few effects, namely diminished gas mileage and worsened handling. Make sure that you check your tire pressure before you use a vehicle that’s been inactive for weeks.
  • Dry Rotting: One of the most pressing issues that faces inactive tires is dry rotting. It can be caused by extreme temperatures or excessive/direct sunlight, but one of the biggest culprits is long periods of disuse. Dry rotted tires can only be replaced and not repaired, which can really hit your wallet. Make sure that you’re regularly driving your car to prevent this problem from plaguing your wheels.

Preventing Tire Deterioration

The easiest way to prevent tire deterioration is to simply drive your car every now and then, but we all know that that’s easier said than done. If you’re regularly being called out of town or going on vacation or just have a lot going on at home, it can be a difficult task to remember to do on a consistent basis.

Fortunately, FlatStoppers from Race Ramps are here to help you out. These are essentially miniature “ramps” that you can drive up on to. Once there, your tires rest comfortably in the concave depression of the pads. This allows them to have a significantly larger contact spot, which disperses the weight and the pressure of the car and allows for the car to rest much more evenly. All in all, this makes for a far smaller chance that flat spots or similar deterioration will occur.

There’s quite a few reasons to like FlatStoppers. For starters, they’re made right here in the USA, so you don’t need to feel apprehensive about production standards or safety. Second, they’re made with high-quality, dense foam: none of the plastic and Styrofoam-esque materials that you might see used on other similar and inferior products.

Surface Area of Flatstoppers
The surface area of our Flatstoppers provides great support for tires compared to the competition

They also have a rugged anti-slip coating; once your car is resting on these, it’s not going anywhere, and its tires will be well-protected throughout.

If you’re storing your car for an extended period then you need to be mindful of a few things, including tire pressure, fuel stagnating, and more. However, FlatStoppers can take one concern off of your plate by allowing your tires the space and surface area they need to stay at rest for weeks or months at a time without breaking down.

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