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Rack Ramps: Understanding Four-Post Lift Connection Points


When your garage doesn’t have enough space for your collection of cars, getting a lift is a natural next-step – if you have the room, that is. You might have a classic car or a sports car that you don’t use as your daily driver, so it’s convenient to drive it onto your lift and keep it resting comfortably as you park your daily driver underneath.

You can find lifts in many two- and three-car garages these days as affordability has made owning one much easier. However, the ramps that typically come with the lift don’t have the gentlest approach angle for low clearance cars, or the ramps are simply heavier than you would like. For reasons of preference, convenience, or usability, Race Ramps has several models of rack ramps that can help make storing your car on a lift easier.

Understanding the type of ramp connection you have on your four-post lift is important when it comes to choosing the rack ramp that will work for your particular lift type.

Titan 8K 8,000 lb. 4 Post Parking Lift from
The Titan 8,000 lb. Four-Post Parking Lift from Redline Stands

Hook-on Ramps

These ramps rely on a 90-degree hook that inserts into a slot on the lift to keep them in place while the car drives up and onto the lift. The width of the slot can vary.

If using the OEM metal ramps are not preferred, Race Ramps offers three hook-nose ramps that use the same hook-on connection as the OEM ramps. When looking for an aftermarket hook-on rack ramp, there are three important measurements to note:

  1. The minimum height of your lift. The ramp's height should match this measurement.
  2. The width of the slot for the hook. The ramp's hook width should be smaller than this measurement.
  3. Your vehicle's angle of clearance. Our Yardstick Test will allow you to determine the largest approach angle your vehicle can handle without scraping.
4 inch Hook Nose Rack Ramp - 8 Degree Approach Angle RR-RACK-HN14-4 5 inch Hook Nose Rack Ramp - 6.4 Degree Approach Angle RR-RACK-HN14-5 5 inch Hook Nose Extra Wide Rack Ramp - 6.4 Degree Approach Angle RR-RACK-HN20-5
L x W 32" x 14" 48" x 14" 48" x 20"
Lift Height 4" 5" 5"
Approach Angle 8 6.4 6.4
Max Tire Width 12" 12" 18"
Hook Nose Width 8" 8" 13"
AMGO PRO-12ASX 12,000 lb. 4 Post Alignment Lift from
The AMGO 12,000 lb. Four-Post Alignment Lift from Redline Stands

Rod and Pin Ramps

Ramps that are attached with a rod and pin connection allow the ramp to pivot as it is raised or lowered. If these ramps are too steep for your car, Race Ramps makes a Cut-Out Rack Ramp that works in conjunction with the OEM ramps.

With the OEM ramps on the lift, place the ends into the notch of our 4” H Cut-Out Rack Ramp to decrease the angle of approach for your car. This rack ramp can clear 8.8 degrees and above, so be sure to check the clearance of your car with our Yardstick Test beforehand.

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