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Customer Spotlight

Race Ramps Customer Spotlight: Scott Spencer


For anyone that spends a good amount of time in the garage detailing or working on their car, it’s one space that can be considered just as important to personalize, keep organized, and stocked with proper tools and components. For Scott Spencer, we discovered that he has one of these cool garages that he has put his personal touch on. From a custom-designed modular flooring pattern to classic car banners and décor, we learned more about Scott’s car passion and how he has maximized the use of his two-car garage. PLUS – how he’s been able to use Race Ramps to help!

What’s in your car collection?

I have a 2018 Porsche 911S I bought new. I have the Factory Five MK4 (Cobra) I built from scratch with a Coyote crate motor. I purchased a 1979 911SC that was a nice driver condition car. I stripped it completely down to the shell and had it repainted and modified with many custom touches. My current project is the 1967 Camaro that will sit on a Roadster Shop chassis and be powered by a crate LS3.

Two four-post lifts double Scott's garage space
Two four-post lifts double Scott's garage space
Race Ramps Rack Ramps gets his cars onto the lift
Race Ramps 5" H Rack Ramps gets his cars onto the lift
Comparing Rack Ramps for bulky metal ramps? No contest.
Comparing Rack Ramps to bulky metal ramps? No contest.
Trak-Jax for extra clearance

Trak-Jax for extra clearance

Scott demonstrates how light his Rack Ramps are

"I can lift them with one finger!" Scott demonstrates how light his Rack Ramps are

Tell us about the journey of your garage set-up!

I kept getting more cars, so I needed more space to store them. After I built the Factory Five Cobra, I added the first four-post lift to the main garage for storage and maintenance. I also have a basement workshop garage with a 2-post lift in it. I was using that garage to restore my 1979 911SC. Once I completed that, I got the ‘67 Camaro. Since the Camaro now resides in the workshop garage, I added the second 4-post lift to my main garage so I could effectively park four cars in my two-car garage!

You use Race Ramps with your lift. Tell us about your experience.

I love the Race Ramps. My first set was acquired when I put the lift in the garage for the Cobra. The Cobra has such a low ride height that it will not clear the rolling pneumatic jack that is on the lift. I bought the Race Ramps Trak-Jax to be able to drive up on them easily which allows my car to fit the jack underneath the chassis very easily. I pull right onto the Trak-Jax and it gives me the needed height to then lift the car.

3 inch Trak-Jax Ramps with Stop
Race Ramps 3" Trak-Jax Ramps with 1.5" Stop

When I installed the second lift, I was looking for some ramps I could use. I have some very heavy metal ramps that I got with the first lift. They work fine but are heavy to constantly be moving on and off. I found that Race Ramps makes a perfect product that is perfect for my lift and hooks right in place, so it is very secure. I can literally lift those Rack Ramps with one finger – they're so light. I much prefer them to the heavier ramps!

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