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How to Equip Your Garage for Your Winter Car Project


While some cars are simply stored during the winter months, many others will be getting modifications in preparation for shows and races in the Spring. Whether you’re working on a full vehicle restoration or engine, exhaust, and exterior upgrades, elevating your car gives you more space to work underneath and around it.

Blue Pacific Coast Locators truck up on Race Ramps Wheel Cribs in a garage
Pacific Coast Locators truck up on a full set of 12" H Race Ramps Wheel Cribs

Wheel Cribs for a full, even lift

If your car is going to be stationary through the winter project months, Wheel Cribs provide an even, steady lift for your car. How high you want the car to be is up to you. Wheel Cribs come in heights of 8” up to 14”. A 100% solid product, our Wheel Cribs are safer than jack stands. For muscle cars, exotics, and roadsters, our Wheel Cribs come in supercar widths which accommodate tires up to 16” wide. If you’re comfortable jacking up your vehicle to sit atop Wheel Cribs, this is a solid option for long-term projects.

Man buffing red Ferrari up on Race Ramps wheel cribs
Wheel Cribs increase the convenience of working on your vehicle.

If you’re doing bodywork or detailing your car over the winter months, then Wheel Cribs give an elevated height that makes it more comfortable when working on rocker panels and bumpers.

Car up on Race Ramps Crib Cruisers and dollies
Race Ramps Crib Cruisers work with auto dollies

Travel around with Crib Cruisers

Is your project car inoperable? Do you need to move it around your garage or shop? Crib Cruisers are a good option when you already have GoJaks or other wheel dollies. Instead of having to jack up your car each time to elevate it, you can simply use Crib Cruisers in conjunction with wheel dollies (must have 12” wide rollers) to move your car around while maintaining a lifted height.

Camaro on drive-up Rcae Ramps RR-80-10-2 service ramps
Camaro on Race Ramps RR-80-10-2 Service Ramps

Drive-up Ramps for front or rear end work

If you don’t need your car to be at a level, lifted height, drive-up service ramps are a simple option to get either the front end or rear end up. Positioning your car on ramps takes only a minute or two (remember to have a spotter!).

If you’re working on a low-clearance performance car, be sure to do a Yardstick Test to ensure that you’re getting ramps that will clear your car’s approach angle. Service ramps range in height from 5” to 10”.

Race Ramps Racer Mat
Race Ramps 6' Racer Mat

A Racer Mat for cold ground

When your car is elevated and you need to work underneath, our Racer Mat provides comfort and a barrier to laying on the cold ground. Made with 1” closed-cell foam, the 2’x6’ mat is also stain and water resistant.

Rack Ramps for two or four post lifts

The ramps that typically come with car lifts don’t have the gentlest approach angle for low clearance cars, or the ramps tend to weight more than is ideal for regular use. For reasons of preference, convenience, or usability, Race Ramps has several models of rack ramps that can help make storing your car on a lift easier.

Read about our rack ramps and their compatibility with four-post lifts to see if it would make a difference in your garage this winter, and read about how one of our customers, Scott Spencer, did just that.

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